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I appreciate and that this website is enormously endowed with articles on or about Art for Sale , however as a working artist, who earns his full time income painting art for sale, I feel I must add my Ten Cents worth. My name is David Billet and I was brought up in a household of artists, both professional and talented armature . Both of my parents were professional portrait painters, my brother a talented amateur painter and doctor and two of my uncles, who both, at various times in their careers made their living with art for sale as art dealers and art restorers, I would argue that I have a unique perspective that I think is worthy of inclusion in this art for sale debate.

Art for sale in general is very simple for me, art for sale is  how I earn my living, its what I have always wanted to do and the subject matter in all its facets to this day thrills me and inspires me. Often though I am asked what is good art for sale, what would be my best art for sale investment and how do I choose a painting from the masses of art for sale that is available today. This is what I would say when asked these questions about art for sale, If I had the time and the situation was conducive.

These are the specifics that run through my mind when I choose any painting but please be aware that I am a devotee of the classical art form, not the modern expressionist movements.

When I look at the art for sale, I either like it, love it, loath it or I am indifferent about it. A piece of art for sale  either pleases my eye or it displeases it, or worst of all, it leaves me cold. I am not a subscriber to the “What is the artist trying to express to us here” modern school of thought, I considered it crap back in the 70s when it was being taught in British art colleges and I still believe its crap today.  Its  funny and ironic that when he died and the public got a look inside the New York home of one of the most successful modern artists of the 20th century, Andy Warhol, they found it full of classical paintings, Andy was a superb con artist,  but he did know what to look for when he saw art for sale.

Today, expression, conveyance and idea are the most important factors that determine whether a painting is to be considered good or bad, personally I think the public have been sold a bill of goods. In the past a painting was recognized by two simple factors “is it beautiful” and is it “skillfully done” note the use of the term “Skill” because that is what was employed, craftsmanship and skill, something sadly lacking in most of today’s art for sale.

Old School Art For Sale

When it comes to art for sale I am most certainly “old school” and I believe that fine art painting took a radical turn for the worse when it abandoned skill and craftsmanship in favor of the shock of the new at the beginning of the Nineteenth Century, and if you find yourself agreeing with me, then please read on and I will share my four key tips for when your considering art for sale.

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You may be asking yourself what the purpose of this article is right now and I am about to tell you. The reason for writing it is to help people who feel just like myself, but don’t know where to start looking for classically styled craftsman based fine art for sale. Some readers may also be confused about what is quality art for sale and what to purchase without being ripped off, or worse still end up with an embarrassment on their walls.

The place I recommend to start looking for quality art for sale is Kings Galleries of course; you will find many beautiful pieces of classical fine art for sale, paintings that you are probably unaware of, all are in stock and therefore you will never be buying a “pig in a poke” . All the art for sale is sensibly priced to be fair not only to the customer but also to the craftsmen, like myself, who put their heart and soul into producing art for sale of the very finest quality. You will also find lots of helpful articles and advice with features to help you in you in your general Art decision making, but here are a few pointers to get you on your way.

Art For Sale Tip’s

1: Always look for art for sale from a reputable dealer who can show you an image of the art for sale.

2: Make sure that you get a written statement that the art for sale they show you will be the exact painting you will receive.

3: Do not buy “fad art”, it’s going to be in your home for a long time, remember those bell bottom trousers you wore in the Seventies? Felt good at the time didn’t it, need I say more.

4: This is the most important point when your considering art for sale, a good reproduction is always better to hang on your walls than a poor original.

5: Compare the art for sale to the original, you can easily find copies to use as a comparison; I would recommend you take a look at “The Art Renewal Center” website; they have a wonderful extensive image catalog you can use.

Final advice and conclusion;

Adding art to your home is a sign of good education and good taste, it indicates “status”, now we all bluff to a greater or lesser degree when it comes to status, but my advice is simple on this particular matter, with a little enjoyable education from the right place you won’t have to play the bluff so hard when it comes to art for sale.

David Billet is a second generation classically trained British Artist who runs an artists co-operative studio in Romania with his wife Anna and four other classic artists. If you want to know anything about the “Art Biz” then Billet is your man with over twenty five years experience, and being fully immersed in the world of art since childhood.

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Art for Sale is his specialty and no one is more authoritative and revealing than David Billet.

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