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Art Paintings And What You Need To Know Before You Buy.

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You can find art paintings being sold everywhere in the USA today no longer do you have to make a special trip to a big city gallery to find something beautiful to hang on your wall. Galleries come to your town these days putting on one day or weekend “Art Paintings Sales” in hotels, conference centers and town halls all over the states.

What’s more you only have to walk over to your family desk and switch on the computer to find millions of art paintings for you to choose from in your own time and at your leisure without spending gas money and hours out of your day.

However there are some things you will need to know before you visit these sales or taking a virtual trip around the world of art paintings online.

Art Paintings a guide before you buy.

The first thing is obvious but not always convenient. If you’re going to buy art paintings then if you can actually stand in front of them, touch the art painting  and examine the paintings with your own eyes, in the flesh so to speak, well that’s obviously the best way to go. Convenience is another thing all together though, that gallery may not be in your vicinity at the time you’re willing to purchase an art painting and distances here in America being what they are you may well not fancy a long car ride. So you’re probably going to do what thousands of US buyers do every day and choose a painting online and there is nothing wrong with that, if you know a few facts and home truths about the art paintings business.

You can find both original and reproduction art paintings for sale online. You can find websites representing individual working artists selling their own art paintings, small and large galleries, small boutique galleries selling specific subject matter like animal paintings or seascapes or male and female erotic art, all is there to find.

It is quite easy to buy original artwork online and much of this will depend on your budget and your own particular tastes. Most people purchase original art paintings form little known or unknown artists this way because you do need to have deep pockets to purchase originals from well known artists.

Most art buyers online go for reproduction art paintings, they are familiar, pleasing and require no deep grounding in the world of art, you simply like a well known painting and so you by it, simple as that ,it’s all down to familiarity and taste, or is it?

When interested in reproduction art paintings it is best to have a good idea of the many different production methods used to create the piece. How it is created is what makes the piece of art a close facsimile of the original. Many of the famous paintings are famous because it was difficult for the painters to create such works at the time recreating such a piece is no less exacting and requires the same brushwork talents if you are to be satisfied with your reproduction. You also need to be aware of the amount of replicas that are made in all different forms that relate to that piece so that you understand exactly what you’re buying.

Art paintings and what they don’t want you to know.

Here is a major point you need to consider and understand if you’re thinking of purchasing an Old Master Reproduction online. Almost all if not 99% of the Old Master Reproductions you purchase online, originate in Chinese Art Paintings Factories. Websites that purport to be American companies or galleries are in fact either owned by Chinese Art Factories or are franchises or affiliates of Chinese Art Factories.

So what’s wrong with that, you’re saying, “I own a TV made in China and that’s fine” Well if you brought the TV online and the online store showed you a picture of a 72inch screen but when it arrived it was only a 42inch screen you may have a different opinion. The point I am making is this when you go to most online art paintings websites what your being shown is not what you will receive, the images you will be looking at online, the ones they use to try to get you to purchase the reproduction are actually pictures of the original, not what you will be receiving.

Please be aware t that the art paintings factories that produce these copies do not care if you are not happy or satisfied with the art paintings you receive and return them because they still keep the deposit which covers most of the labor and material costs. If you are interested in buying an oil reproduction then try to see the reproduction in person first or insist that the sellers send you a proof photograph before you make any payments.

Find out what one artist thinks about the Chinese art paintings business by reading his article on hubpages here.

A safe alternative to all of this is to look through the images of paintings we have for sale here at Kings , all of the images are of the painting that is already in our store rooms waiting to be dispatched, what can’t speak can’t lie as my grandmother used to say!

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