Battle Of The Nile

” Battle Of The Nile ” huge 36″ x 48″ Original Composition by Jack Stafford ,Seriouse offers in the region of $3200 will be entertained.

The Battle of the Nile (also known as the Battle of Aboukir Bay, was a major naval battle fought between British and French fleets at Aboukir Bay on the Mediterranean coast of Egypt from 1–3 August 1798. The battle was the climax of a naval campaign that had ranged across the Mediterranean during the previous three months, as a large French convoy sailed from Toulon to Alexandria carrying an expeditionary force under General Napoleon Bonaparte. Bonaparte sought to invade Egypt as the first step in a campaign against British India in an effort to drive Britain out of the French Revolutionary Wars. As Bonaparte’s fleet crossed the Mediterranean, it was pursued by a British force under Rear-Admiral Sir Horatio Nelson.

This painting is an interpretation of the battle by the now deceased Jack Stafford and it probably one of his largest and finest works,. Stafford was a well known  historical seascape artist and his contributions will be sincearly missed by all at Kings Galleries. Please contact us directly by Email if you would like to discuss details for  the purchase of this painting .