Bouguereau L’Orage “The Storm”

William Bouguereau  L’Orage – (The Storm)

24″ x 36″ Composition by Marino Vasallo Offered for Sale @ $1500 William Bouguereau s “L’Orage” – (The Storm) Recently this painting was shown by one of our clients to another reproductions  company that he had contacted for quotes to reproduce a couple of Bouguereau ‘s and as he reported to us “they said it wasn’t a reproduction, it was the original Bouguereau “. We asked him if he thought to point out Vasallos signature clearly to be seen  the right hand corner and he said “I thought I had not better demoralize them too much”. The fact is, when it comes to authenticity in Art Reproductions Kings Galleries are the Worlds best Art Reproduction Specialists Who says so? Bouguereau Work like this says so!

William Bouguereau The Storm

Remember you are not looking at the original Bouguereau here, you are looking at the painting you will receive . Please contact us directly by Email if you would like to discuss details of the purchase of this painting  or go ahead and use the Buy now Button below.

William Bouguereau The Storm offerd for sale @ $1500