Buy Oil Paintings. A Simple Guide.


Why do people buy oil paintings? Sounds like a silly question as it’s obvious that people buy oil paintings for no one single reason, nevertheless there are some common connecting factors that are worthy of note and these are things that you may find informative if you are one of the millions of people contemplating making such a purchase this year.

The obvious reason to buy oil paintings is the fact that people want to beautify their habitat with images that please them aesthetically. Aesthetics is all down to personal taste, everyone is different, I have stopped being amazed at what people think is beautiful, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, we have all been told that, all the way from junior school, however there are some images that are universally accepted as being things of great beauty, and these images are what the majority of Oil Painting customers will order, playing safe is an important factor to a lot of home decorators.

In the last decade, with the arrival of online shopping, online galleries have been appearing everywhere, and it is so much easier to purchase oil paintings today than it was a decade ago, when your only real option was to visit a local dealer or framer to choose something he had in stock. This of course has now all changed, and you can choose from thousands of your favorite oil paintings by the classical old masters and the not so old young pretenders.

It is not for me to comment on whether you prefer classical old master oil paintings or if you prefer modern conceptual modern oil paintings, it is my single intention to help you think about one thing when you’re choosing and that is “quality” It is the quality of the oil painting that you choose that will make your decision a good one or a bad call that will waste your money and place an embarrassment on your wall.

Modern conceptual oil paintings are not such a difficulty, most are large swashes of color and texture in various combination’s of shapes and forms, this type of art is wholly subjective and personal. On the other hand, Classical figurative and landscape oil paintings are not so subjective, there is a level of craftsmanship involved that will easily separate  quality oil paintings, from mediocre, and it is the task of the prospective purchaser to educate themselves before they commit to purchase, if they want to avoid a disaster.

My advice is this: if you have your heart set on some particular oil paintings from a classical artist, ask the vendors to show you copies of those oil paintings that their in-house artists have reproduced in the past for other clients. Next find a good clear image of that oil painting and commit it to memory, better still, if choosing on line, have that comparison image available so that you can visually scan the image and compare it with the vendors previous reproductions of the oil paintings you’re thinking of buying.

Look for imperfections in the copies, the faces, the foreground images the background all have a serious bearing on how the overall painting will be judged by the casual viewer and your friends, you may not spot the imperfections if you do not have a comparison check, but do not rely on your friends not knowing enough about the oil paintings themselves that they cannot be a critic, worse still, a silent critic.

Here is my final and most important tip: do not be tempted by low prices to commission oil paintings without seeing them first. Do not put money down until you see the actual completed oil paintings that you will receive. Many on-line galleries will only show you the original image that they use as a template for their copies; they will ask you for a deposit and only show you results some weeks later, after your deposit has been banked. Only buy oil paintings that you can see first, it’s simple and you would think logical, but you will be surprised by how many people buy oil paintings without implementing this piece of sound common sense. If you would like to see justification for this advice article and examples of what you can end up with if you do not heed it ,take a look at our article

Hush-Hush,What cant speak ,cant lie.

David Billet is a classically trained English artist and heads a Romanian studio specializing in the restoration and reproduction of classically styled original paintings, reproductions, religious paintings and Icon restoration.