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Thanks for dropping by Kings “canvas art” Online Art Gallery, we are the leading American and British based online Art Gallery and we provide our clients with exceptional original canvas art and superb museum quality classic hand crafted reproduction canvas art. Kings Galleries specialty in not only servicing the quality fine art needs of the American public with our fine canvas art section , we also specialize in servicing the needs of the film and stage industry, the art and antiques insurance industry and museum conservators with their highly individual and specific requirements. The excellence of our retained artist’s canvas art cannot be matched by any other art company in the World today; we are the originators of the industry infamous “Kings Canvas Art Challenge”

Canvas Art

To state that we produce “The World’s highest quality reproduction and classic styled original canvas art” is a audacious claim, we realize that, however we stand by it one Hundred Percent, and no one to date has had the nerve to try and disprove us, that’s because within the industry it is well know that we are the very best at what we do and we retain artists who they cannot retain to perform this craft. At the risk of being a bore, I will repeat, we have yet to be disproved by any other canvas art company that we produce the finest canvas art available anywhere today on or off the internet.

The “Kings Canvas Art Challenge” States:

If any online art studio or company wishes to contest Kings Galleries, by painting a classical image to a higher standard than we produce as standard, then contact us directly by Email. Kings Galleries will gladly take you up on this challenge and we will post the results here on our canvas art front page section for all the public to see, the only provision being that the challenging participant must reciprocate by placing a side by side comparison on their websites canvas art front page also.

If you have visited Kings “About” page, you will have read there that we no longer take on commissions from the general public for “named” reproduction canvas art, unless the commissioner is an already established client. Our motives for this are many fold, one undoubtedly was the fact that public commissions were exerting too much of an encumbrance on our most precious resource, that being the capability and skill of our retained artists.

Notwithstanding that, a more troubling reason was that in the past few years there has arisen a surfeit of China based canvas art reproductions factory type facilities that supply poor quality, embarrassingly low quality copies of European and American classical canvas art into an unsuspecting US marketplace.

Canvas Art China Style

Kings has no desire to be even indirectly be associated with this element of the canvas art business, and therefore we curtailed public commissions to fix our attention on the canvas art paintings our artists wish to reproduce themselves, this allows us to advantage of their individual creative specialties and the outstanding paintings they produce are offered to the public in our “For Sale Section” here.

It is Kings objective to supply the US public with only the finest quality canvas art paintings. We specifically cater to the needs of discerning customers who appreciate the highest quality, enthusiasts that have a first class eye for detail and can discern the difference between quality canvas art and mediocrity; our clients do not want an embarrassment on their walls.

Canvas Art China Scams Beware !

Anyone interested in why they should not contemplate canvas art from one of these “factory studios” may like to read the articles written in our ‘Articles” section. Take a look specifically at “Art Scams From China” and “Canvas Art And The Art Of The Chinese Knock-Off” you will find them both very informative and they may alter your perspective of Canvas Art.

You may also like to look at Alex Hofford’s Blog and see his excellent photographs there of the day he visited a Canvas Art Factory in China. “Hoffords Canvas Art Factory Images“.

Canvas Art.