Famous Paintings, how to own one affordably.

Own Your Own Famous Paintings


Many people dream of owning one of the world’s most famous paintings, if you are in the fortunate position to be able to buy one you know you are investing in a piece of great art history and this is all part of the cache of owning beautiful famous paintings.

It would be wonderful to own a priceless masterpiece by Bougereau, Rembrandt, or Goya or for that matter any another famous artist to enrich your life with beauty.

Unfortunately, even if these masterpieces were affordable, many of these famous paintings are housed in national and city museums and cannot be acquired for private collections, or at least they can’t until the institutions need more money and decide to sell them, if they are allowed too, donors willing.

So what is the average art lover to do? Obviously one option is to purchase high quality reproductions, buying good oil painting reproductions is an affordable way for the average art aficionado to appreciate fine art and bring it into their everyday environment at a price that is commensurate with the size of their purse.

Famous Paintings are still affordable if your sensible about it.

Now it is obvious that one cannot alter the fact that the reproduction was never touched by the master’s hand, however fine quality reproduction famous paintings can, if they are worked with tradition skills and specialist knowledge be of sufficient exactitude to convince all but the professional experts. Are you aware for instance that many of the most treasured famous paintings being exhibited throughout the world in major museums are, because of insurance restrictions, actually fine quality, expertly produced reproductions?

Think about it for a while, if you were going to allow a client to expose a fragile masterpiece famous painting to the general public and the occasional nut that comes with them, on a daily basis, with only minimum security, and if anything happened to the famous painting you would have to shell out hundreds of millions of dollars, wouldn’t you insist that a reproduction be hung in its place? The answer is pretty obvious when you think about it, famous paintings are protected, not all but many, and you won’t be able to tell the difference or which is which.

famous paintings

Let me say now, quite emphatically, the reproductions that are used by museums and insurance companies are not generally available to the public, their agents do not just ring up or email some company on the internet and order a Goya reproduction, no that’s not how it works

Specialist departments within the museums create these famous paintings reproductions or they are contracted out to trusted restoration and reproduction, style and technique specific artists and small independent companies. Something else I can assure you of is that you have never heard of any of these small companies, they do not have websites or yellow pages phone numbers, anonymity is a client stipulation and firm requirement, if you stumbled upon one they wouldn’t admit what they did and who for, anyway.

It’s the dirty little secret of the museum business, ask any respected dealer and they will confirm what I have revealed here true, but don’t ask them to go into great detail, they either don’t know or won’t tell, smoke and mirrors my friends, smoke and mirrors, the mythology of exclusivity must be maintained.

By the way, just as a side note, these reproductions themselves are not within the budget of the average guy in the street, they can take years to make and involve all kinds of specialist techniques and where you see the word “specialist “you can substitute the term “expensive” that applies to every walk of life, high quality museum reproductions of famous paintings is no exception.

The title of this article is “Famous Paintings, how to own one affordably” so now we have some background about the top end of famous paintings reproductions market, let me tell you about the other end of the scale. It’s important for you to understand both ends of the market, the end you can’t really afford and the end you can afford but need to avoid like the plague .You will find that as with most things in life, satisfaction lies somewhere in between the extremities.

Here is a statement of fact, I am sure that there are exceptions that disprove the rule but I stand by it never the less. Reproductions of famous Oil Paintings that cost less than One Thousand dollars, brought from companies on the internet, all of which are made in Chinese paintings factories, will be, are, have been, and will be in the future CRAP ! Embarrassments to hang on trailer walls that will tell anyone with any cultural education that the owners don’t have any!

Strong words but sound advice about famous paintings.

Pretty strong stuff, but I make no apologies for it, if anyone thinks that the rubbish that these factories are turning out, to be anything but low quality dross, well I bet they brought their furniture at Wal-Mart and their other car is imaginary.

I will not go into greater detail about how this dross is produced, take a look around the “Articles” section of this website and you will find lots of detail on that, if you require it, At this point just take my word and don’t be drawn in by the pictures of the originals they show on their websites, they are the original famous paintings, what their unfortunate clients receive will be something entirely different.

Now we have the extremes covered let us deal with the middle way, the way of compromise and good sense. Compromise yes, because you are not going to get a museum stand in reproduction, on the other hand you are not going to pay the huge amounts that one of these famous paintings reproductions cost to produce.

You’re going to be able to hold your head high and enjoy the compliments of friends because the famous painting reproduction that you hang on your dining room wall will pass the scrutiny of all but the experts, yes I know, we all have friends that purport to be experts on everything, well even those will keep their opinions to themselves.

You’re going to pay a little more for it but when did you ever buy anything cheap that was of any real value, given the test of time? You pay for quality only once; trash costs you over and over again.

The answer to your own famous painting predicament is to purchase a painting that you can see, either at first hand, face to face, or if that is not convenient, then from a dealer, gallery or studio that will send you first class photographic images of the painting you’re actually going to receive. In this way you will guarantee that the painting conforms to your high standards.

Please remember that an artist has to pay his bills, he has been trained, spent a long time learning his trade and requires adequate compensation. It is true that in the past exchange rates have allowed products from other countries to be relatively cheap here in the USA, although the mighty Dollar goes a long way in other countries it is not as strong as it once was, even in China. Throughout the former countries of the USSR however the US dollar is seen a s a stable currency and there are hundreds of state sponsored and trained art restores and reproduction painting specialists. My advice is choose a supplier, dealer or studio that gets its work done in the former USSR or Europe, you won’t be disappointed  this way and you won’t waste your money .

Written by David Billet head of Independent Artist Studios Romania and sole supplier to Kings Galleries,

Famous Paintings.

Famous Paintings