Famous Paintings.

mona-lisa-face2Famous Paintings: Unless you’re a Multi Millionaire or a Corporation Investment fund, then purchasing One of the World’s favorite famous Paintings is probably not in your re-decoration budget right now.

There are many reasons why Paintings become famous, rarity, quality, infamy are just a few but the truth is the reason why certain Artists have become famous and therefore their surviving Paintings famous and popular is that when you look really hard at the Art-World over the centuries and the Hundreds of Thousands of people that sort to ply their trade as an Artist, then you are forced to the conclusion that not many of them were really that talented at all, consequently  any work they produced never has a chance of entering the list of famous paintings other than through infamy, Edvard Munch’s “The Skrik” (The Scream) I offer as an example of that. edvard-munch-scream2

Ever since Oil Paintings on canvass became the cost effective and practical materials of choice for artisan painters to sell portable movable decoration and memorabilia to their wealthy patrons, there has been a sorry lack of original talent amongst them all.

It is this galleries contention, that in the final analysis, regardless of the hype and intellectual hyperbola that has been swaddled around famous paintings, and art in general, this definition stands as the foundation of any artists career. Artists want and need to sell paintings and therefore they cater to their clientele some are talented, some are trendsetters but most of them are followers and wanabees and their paintings will never be famous.

Just to make it clear, I am talking here about famous paintings and artists from before the advent of the “Impressionist movement” of around 1860 after that “New Wave” It becomes, in this galleries humble opinion, much easier to sort out the wheat from the chaff, most of it is chaff but more about that and the position this gallery takes on it will be found in the “Articles” section of this website for those interested. Rembrandt-SelfPortrait (1)

Even before 1860 certain artisans stand much higher than their contemporaries, it’s a universal truth no matter what field of endeavor we are discussing, art, literature philosophy or science the cream will rise to the top. Although you are unlikely to have a set of Albert Einstein’s mathematical formulations on your walls to beautify your surroundings you are likely, if you consider yourself educated and cultured, have a good quality Oil Painting hanging discreetly.

The problem is, as I stated at the beginning of this article, unless you’re extremely wealthy or lucky enough to be the recipient of a bequest from a far sighted deceased relative, that painting is unlikely to be an “Original” That’s OK, it’s quite acceptable to hang reproductions of famous paintings providing that they are good reproductions; the cardinal sin is to hang bad reproductions of famous paintings, thereby exposing yourself to ridicule.  Here you are trying to show your good taste and education, beautify your home with your favorite famous paintings and now it becomes obvious that you really don’t know the difference between chalk and cheese! If the famous paintings reproductions you have chosen are not as close to the originals as humanly possible then someone is going to spot it, if not you, someone entering into the hallowed portals you call home will take great delight in pointing it out to you, once they do you may as well burn the offending famous paintings  because they have now become the infamous paintings and they will never give you pleasure again, they will only serve as a constant reminder that you got it wrong !

The internet if full of Reproduction Art Dealers, take a look in Google under “Famous Paintings” and you will find Hundreds, all offering to paint you your favorite painting , any size you like and all vying to service your commissions at the lowest price possible

Question: When was the last time you brought something cheap, that was handmade and World class top quality?

cheapart smallIt can’t be done; you know that and apply it to your every day decisions so why would you think anything different when it comes to choosing famous paintings reproductions to beautify your home!

At this stage you may ask, what is Kings Galleries solution to this famous paintings reproduction problem, how can they help me not to make a big mistake?

Answer: we give you less choice of famous paintings to choose from !

Now that may sound strange to a society that has come, nay, encouraged to believe that more choice is only a good thing. Kings contends that to have a smaller choice from a collection of superb quality items is far better than having a huge choice from a pile of dross and we can prove it, go to our “For Sale” section and see the paintings for sale there, yes less choice but these are the paintings you will be receiving, not images of the originals as posted by most of the online galleries in the Famous Paintings listings.

It’s the “quality not quantity” philosophy it’s something that mature, educated and experienced consumers will have made their mantra and these are the people that Kings Galleries cater too. We make no apologies for it, we set our standards high and we encourage our patrons to set theirs likewise. To simplify it further “If you don’t want the best, then don’t come to Kings”Reni-StCecilia2

I will go into greater detail on how we pick which famous paintings we are going to reproduce at the Kings studio in later articles, for now I will just say we match the artists we have available to the techniques and style required to execute a suburb rendition of the famous paintings we choose. Our hope is of course that our choice of famous paintings will be your choice of famous paintings.