Vladimir Zebek Originals Sale

Vladimir Zebek

Vladimir Zebek, Russia’s Master Of The Seascape.

Born in 1931, witness and participant in the most traumatic Fifty Years of Russian history, now living in virtual reclusive isolation, save that of the occasional collector and admirer that undertakes the considerable arduous  journey to visit his Black Sea seashore studio, Vladimir Zebek is without doubt Russia’s finest living seascape artist, some would say as significant as the renown Ivan Konstantinovich Aivazovsky.

Vladimir Zebek , Aivazovsky’s Successor

Stylistically speaking, Vladimir Zebek is very different the 20th century Grand Master of Russian landscape, Aivazovsky’s work was firmly fixed in the realism of the period, Vladimir Zebek takes that realism and passes it through a fine gauze of imagination and dreams, one glimpse of this new Old masters work will tell you something very special is going on, something that once seen can never be mistaken for the work of any other contemporary artist.

Vladimir Zebek, a style for our time.

Vladimir Zebek

24"x36" Moon Harbour Original By Vladimir Zebek For Sale $3000

Vladimir Zebek’s 21st Century paintings are full of magnificent colorful brio, reflections and necromancy, the heavens meet the tides where supernatural shadows deceive the eye and the imagination. Vladimir Zebek‘s ships are frozen in their icy moorings, anchored by а gossamer tether to the pale Moon. Vladimir Zebek’s Canvases are dreams of distant and cerebral seas.

Vladimir Zebek, an artistic genius but cast in a familiar mold.


24x36 Original Vladimir Zebek Blue Moon Waters $3000

The artist himself іѕ an eccentric often pixilated genius, the stuff of popular stereotype art history, for anyone familiar with the personal lives of the old masters. Vladimir Zebek  is an exuberant yet reclusive, hard drinking and flamboyant character, one moment, melancholy and placid, the  next argumentative, animated and philosophical.

Today when I muse and romanticize the idea of the eccentric creative artist, in hіѕ lowly garret studio, driven to the edge οf insanity by alcoholic abuse and fierce unremitting intellect , I do not think anymore of Paul Gauguin or Lautrec, these days I think of Vladimir Zebek .

The Paintings of Vladimir Zebek
Vladimir Zebek's , Moon Sails

24"x36" Original Vladimir Zebek Moon Sails, $3000

For many years, in fact since his self imposed exile to Kilburn Spit in the Ukraine, Vladimir Zebek has struggled to purchase the basic materials of his craft. Paint ,canvas, brushes have been in short supply,  to be honest Vladimir Zebek’s priorities  were not what they should have been therefore his work and the availability of his work has had something of a choke applied.  Canvas in particular had been in short supply and Vladimir Zebek many times painted on cardboard, board or any flat surface he could get his hands upon.

The Kings Vladimir Zebek Collection Emerges
Vladimir Zebek , blue moon sea

24"x36" Original Vladimir Zebek blue moon sea, $3000

Ten years ago, Kings Galleries was approached by a close friend of Vladimir Zebek and asked us if we were aware of the artists work (we were) and if we were aware of his current situation and plight (we weren’t) Vladimir Zebek’s friend asked if we would like to commission some paintings from the artist, we said we would, providing that we supplied Vladimir Zebek with quality canvas to work on and we insisted on the paintings being 24”x36” which are unusually large for Vladimir Zebek paintings.

When the paintings arrived some Twelve Months later, some were sold immediately to awaiting collectors and Four were added to our own collection.

The Kings Vladimir Zebek Collection, Time To Let Them Go.

The time has come now to let them go and for the first time we are offering them for sale not to the known Vladimir Zebek collectors but to the general public. please take a look at the Zebek Originals we have for sale here, they represent excellent value compared to the open market prices of recent Zebek Paintings sales and because they are such an unusual size and quality they are without doubt a fine investment for anyone interested in the art market purely as an  investment.

Anyone interested in any or all of the paintings should contact us directly, and we will be happy to open a dialogue

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We are honored to show you the work of Zebek and you can read more here Vladimir Zebek.