Guitar God, Anoints Kings.

Uli Jon Roth At Home

Uli Jon Roth is an internationally recognized German Rock Star, one of the most influential composer guitarists of the Rock era and one of the finest guitarists playing today. Originally the lead guitarist with the German band “The Scorpions”. Uli is the maestro and leading exponent of the “Sky Guitar” and as well as performing on the International concert circuits Uli is also the founder of the “Sky Academy” a touring school for musicians, guitarists and composers where Uli passes on his skills and musical knowledge to the next generation of musicians.


A true Renaissance Man Uli is also the owner and curator of the Monika Dannerman Art Collection, a Painter and Rembrandt collector and connoisseur, owner of Jimi Hendrix’s real guitar not his stage guitar and finally an all round really nice guy ! We are proud of the fact that he is a client of Kings Galleries and that we have supplied paintings both for his stage sets and his personal home.


Uli Jon Roth lives in a magnificent Victorian mansion on the coast of Wales in the United Kingdom overlooking the Irish Sea. A true all-round artist himself he also likes to surround himself with the work of other great artists. Uli commissioned Kings Galleries to supply him with original life size reproductions of his favorite paintings from his favorite Old Master Rembrandt van Rijn. Now he not only adorns his house with these beautiful  paintings he was so inspired and impressed by them that he featured them in one of his fabulous stage shows.Sky-Orchestra

If you would like to learn or hear more of the amazing Uli John Roth we highly recommend That you visit his website at, a real treat for art and music fans alike.