Hush-Hush, what can’t speak, can’t lie

This is the section of the website where I back up what was said on the front page and articles within about the kind of paintings you can expect to receive if you are foolish enough to think you can get a quality reproduction from Chinese Art Factories for just a few hundred bucks.

Believe me it’s not done with spiteful intentions, it’s done purely to guide you and warn you, once read and witnessed you can never say you weren’t warned, this is your warning wake up call. I can’t tell you how many clients have said to us they wished they had not wasted their money and listened to us and accepted the fact that you can’t buy quality for a few dollars. They come to now agree that it’s much better to wait until they can afford the best than try taking a chance on an empty promise written on rice paper.

By the way: if any of those paintings factories are reading this, please don’t waste your time asking us to remove your paintings from our site, we fell for that the last time and it didn’t stop you from flooding the internet with this “stuff” . No, read our front page again and take us up on the challenge you find there: If any company or online art studio is out there and would like to challenge Kings Galleries please contact us directly, we will gladly post the results here for all to see, if you will of course reciprocate.

Here is just a couple of examples taken directly from a website and to their lower right side we will show you how they are supposed to look. What can’t speak can’t lie; trust your own eyes, please. We have not altered or manipulated these examples in any way other than to trim then down to fit our page, these are taken directly from these Art Factory websites and one from their retailers both here in the USA and in Europe. We could have shown you thousands but for the sake of page loading times we have restricted ourselves to just Two to make our point and given links for people who need more convincing.  Do you see now what we mean when we talk about “An Embarrassment on Your Wall”

At-the-well-poor-reproduction jpg at the fountain

Flaming-June-Really (1)