Madonna and Child

Marino Vasallo – “Madonna and Child” 30″ x 40″ Inspierd (see definition)Late Renaissance Style Composition by Marino Vasallo Offers in the region of $1850

“The Madonna And Child ” has been the subject  for artists to interpret for almost as long as the Christian religion has existed. The subject matter is universal within the Renaissance School of 15th to 17th century catholic European art. Bellini, Titian, Michelangelo and many more Renaissance Old Master  artists produced their version of this popular subject and here Vasallo an Italian artist himself renders his version of this classic. If you’re a lover of Renaissance paintings and you want to own your very own masterpiece then this is a rare opportunity indeed.

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Inspierd Definition: based upon paintings of a particular period and subject matter.
Composition is original but may have elements of other original paintings  .
The older and much misunderstood term for this would be “school of “