Modern Art, Pass Thanks

Who loves modern art?

Here is a little piece of information we came across at Kings a few weeks ago and we thought you may find interesting, if not amusing.

It’s an article from the British tabloid newspaper “The Daily Mail” and it concerns a study conducted at the very prestigious “Tate Britain” .

Visitors to the Tate were involved, unbeknown to them ,in an experiment to determine whether the public is truly as interested in modern art as the art establishment would have us all believe .

Old Art was once Modern Art.

Give it 5 seconds

The Tate Britain houses the most comprehensive collection of British art from the year 1500 to the present day. This combination of modern and traditional art made the museum a great choice for the experiment, which studied in great detail the viewing patterns of gallery attendees – in particular which paintings held viewers’ attention for the longest time. As you will see, their results were quite conclusive, and will probably come as no surprise to clients and admirers of Kings Galleries style of art.

Modern Art give it time, about 5 seconds!

The now, well documented behavior shows that most people have absolutely no real interest, whatsoever, in Modern Art. In fact, they are spending an average of less than 5 seconds in front of even the most major works of Modern Art, in comparison to the several minutes they are spending in front of and contemplating the major realist works.

Take a look for yourself, its very interesting and completely contrary to popular belief.

Modern Art, Pass Thanks

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