Religious Art, Religious Paintings.

Religious-Art-KingsKings Religious Art or Religious Paintings are without doubt the finest work that Kings Galleries retained artists produce, the finest of the World’s best, that’s our proud boast and I will show you and tell you why.

All our Religious Art or Religious Paintings are made in the traditional way by real artists who begin with a blank canvas and proceed step by step to create a beautiful hand-painted Religious Work of Art.

All of our Religious Paintings are hand drawn and hand painted in Oils by our retinue of highly experienced and classically trained talented artist all chosen by us for their expertise in their specific styles and schools.

Religious Art from the Italian Early Renaissance, Religious Art from the Italian High Renaissance and Religious Art from the Northern Renaissance, all of which are distinctively different in style. Reformation Religious Art Movements from Holland and Germany, with Religious Art from Jan Van Eyck and Albrecht Durer. The era of Mannerism links the Baroque era with the Religious paintings of Michelangelo and paintings from the Counter Reformation art movements. Baroque Religious Art with paintings from Caravaggio, Rubens and Velázquez. Religious Paintings from the Dutch Realist Movement such as Jan Vermeer and Rembrandt. Rococo Religious Art and paintings from the era of Neoclassicism. English Figurative Religious Art. We have artists that have studied and specialize in all these specific and entirely different early Schools of Religious Art.

Some of the finest Religious Art was European created in the early to late Nineteenth Century. One of our favorite Religious Art movements is the Academic movement represented by artists like William Bouguereau, Paul-Jacques-Aimé Baudry and  others

And we have several superb specialist artists whose work can constantly be found on this website and on sale to the public.

We distinguish ourselves from other online paintings suppliers by not allowing any computer or printing technology, everything you see in our collections is crafted by human hands, human produced paintings for educated and well informed experienced patrons of Religious Art.


The conclusion of all this verbiage is that if you’re a Religious Art lover and you also love classical Oil Paintings, then take a look at the paintings we have on offer in our Paintings for Sale Section, please remember that the Religious Paintings we show are the paintings you will receive, I assure you, you will not find finer Religious Art anywhere.