Briton Reviere, Requiscat (Rest) “Rest”

30″ x 40″ Rare Composition by Alexei King ,

This magnificent Victorian painting depicts a bloodhound standing faithfully by his masters catafalque gently resting his head on the lifeless hand of the man that he followed faithfully. Undoubtedly a visual metaphor for honor, valor and faithfulness, all the virtues of an idealized warrior society (the British aristocracy) that the artist was trying to appeal to,  for this was his market and this is an astute piece of business, if the truth is known .
Reproduced here by the master of Victorian art Alexei King.
This is a painting that will appeal to the gentlemen viewers rather than ladies I guess, their is certainly something of the gentleman’s den about it. Famous in its day but very little is known about it today other than it was aquiered down under to the Sydney Art Gallery . The artist Briton Reviere  was elected an Associate of the Royal Academy in 1878, very successful in his day for producing portraits of the English minor aristocracy and paintings that have connotations of British national symbolism . There is something about this painting,If you love Victorian art as I do you will spot it right away, I think its my favorite painting we have in stock at the moment and of course it is beautifully executed by the very talented Alexei King.

Once again, No its not the original, unlike 99% of the online galleries we only show the actual work that is available, it’s not a picture of the original and then you receive something entirely different when it finally arrives, this is the painting for sale. Please contact us directly by Email if you would like to discuss details for the purchase of this painting