Rococo Painting,The Winning Hand.

Beautiful Rococo Painting.

Beautiful French Rococo Painting, period piece from the Marseilles studio of Alain Comereau (no longer in business)
This piece has been in our own collection for over Ten Years and details about it are rather sketchy now.
We believe it was purchased on our 1999 French studio tour and we believe that it is a “Re-Composition” of a Rococo painting from the mid Nineteen Hundreds.
Re-Composition is something Comereau and many of the other Marseilles studio artists  did often, re-composition is basically using another painting as inspiration and background but altering the characters and poses within the composition to create something slightly different without all the effort of having to do pre-sketches and composition drafts. What you end up with is something that cannot strictly be called an Original Rococo Painting but its as near to being an Original Rococo Painting as you can get without being dishonest. What is certain is that your not going to find another Rococo painting anywhere that looks exactly like this Rococo painting.

Rococo Painting “The Winning Hand”.

Rococo Painting known also as Roccoco is also referred to as “Late Baroque” which  is an 18th century style that developed as Baroque artists gave up their symmetry and became increasingly more ornate, florid, and playful with their paintings and decorations of grand houses throughout Europe and the Americas. Rococo Painting s and decoration lost favor for many years is now once again making a fashionable appearance in stylish homes throughout the ever shrinking World but none more than in the fine homes of Beverly Hills California, New York and Florida.

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