Rolf Harris, Underrated Artist And Much Loved Entertainer.(Oops! Spoke To Soon)

Rolf Harris is a very well known and much loved entertainer in the UK, well known in Canada but hardly recognized in the USA, however this little article may help in a tiny way to adjust that fact. Rolf Harris is a truly talented polymath, highly intelligent, bright and bubbly, always entertaining, a musician, singer-songwriter, composer, and television personality but also a wonderfully talented painter and sculptor.

Rolf Harris The Antipodean Renaissance Man

Rolf Harris was born in 1930 and lived with his first generation emigre parents in a small suburb of Brisbane Australia. Rolf showed talents very early both as a champion swimmer and as an artist, Harris at the age of Sixteen had a self portrait hung in the art gallery of New South Wales as an entry into the prestigious Archibald Prize. Rolf Harris moved to England in Nineteen Fifty Three as an art student at City and Guilds Art School, Kennington, London and later got into television doing a small cartoon spot on a popular comedy show.Rolf Harris Later, Harris extended his show business career with his musical talents and he introduced an entertaining version of speed painting however this only served to lessen his reputation with the established art world and he was not accepted as a “serious” artist. Harris had drifted away from art school as a slightly disillusioned student but had fortunately met his longtime hero, Australian impressionist artist Hayward Veal. Veal took Rolf Harris under his wing and became his mentor, teaching him the rudiments of impressionism and showing him how it could help with his portrait painting.

Rolf Harris Now

Rolf HarrisRolf, as he is affectionately know has had a highly successful TV and Musical career for over Six Decades, that is success by anyone’s definition, however even though he has had popular success in showiness it has only been very recent that his talents as an established painter has become acceptable to the British Art Establishment .In late recognition of this Harris is currently having a retrospective Exhibition at the very prestigious Walker Art Gallery in Liverpool England and not before time. Following is the best of the Art Web concerning the career and talents of Rolf Harris and we at Kings Galleries would like to congratulate Rolf on his success and encourage you our viewers to look further into an interesting, original and highly talented artist who deserves more recognition.


The first major retrospective of Rolf Harris’ art and career has opened at the Walker Gallery in Liverpool, featuring his paintings alongside memorabilia from his six decades in music and TV.

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Rolf Harris, CBE, AM (born 30 March 1930) is an Australian musician, singer-songwriter, composer, painter and television personality.

Born in Perth, Western Australia, Harris was a champion swimmer before studying art. He moved to England in 1952, where he started to appear on television programmes on which he drew the characters. He also began a musical career initially with the piano

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