Ronnie Wood Artist And Painter

I cant look at a photo of Ronnie Wood without thinking of Charles Dickens Artful Dodger and smiling to myself. Ronnie just has one of those faces and personalities that are naturally comedic, he must be great fun to be around.  I have  long admired his musical abbilites especially as a slide guitarist but just lately I have found myself more interested in his paintings and drawings and I think from the tone and range he has been producing lately, so has he.Ronnie Wood


Ronnie Wood Artist And Guitarist. 

Ronnie Wood was yet another product of that uniquely English institutions known as “Art College”  to be more defined “60s and 70s Art College” These were places where misfits and oddballs, just like myself, ended up,  usually they had a little artistic talent but most importantly they didn’t want ” a proper job”,well not yet anyway” These College’s were all over the country, each major city had one and as I say they were magnets for misfits and artistic reprobates who wanted to “find themselves” and avoid the repetitive boring slog of industry or commerce Ronnie Wood went to Ealing Art College. What is not generally realized is that a huge proportion of the 70s and 80s  Rock and Alternative music scene that we now all look back at with nostalgia (well people of a certain age that is) were to a large degree, conceived, born and nurtured in these fine  institutions of loose learning, I will be writing another article very soon listing and discussing many of them who made it into showbiz


Ronnie Wood


Ronnie Wood Guitarist Songwriter Painter.

Ronnie Wood has exhibited his work  for years and the prices and popularity of his paintings have traveled in a steadily upward trajectory as they crossed over from ardent Rolling Stones collectors,  into the Art collectors and investors side of the balance sheet. Of course, Ronnie Wood’s musical reputation and participation in some of the most popular musical groups of the last Fifty years, doesn’t hurt, but without doubt, Ronnie Wood, s talent as a first class, stand alone artist, cannot be denied, he is a first class and stylish painter and illustrator. many articles and websites have been dedicated to the paintings of Ronnie Wood.


Ronnie Wood

I recommend you take a further look at this serious artist, here is a round up of what I consider to be the best of the Web . Ronnie Wood Read More..

The Official Ronnie Wood Website

Ronnie Wood has captured in many mediums legendary Rock n’ Roll, Pop and rhythm & Blue performers including Jimi Hendrix, Chuck Berry, Jim Morrison, Elvis Presley, Bob Marley, Eric Clapton, John Lennon and Madonna – all friends or admired colleagues. He knows his subjects well, often having performed with them on stage or in the studio during his musical career; especially after joining the Rolling Stones. Extract from the Brock St Gallery Page 


 Article By David Billet .