Song of the Angels

“Song of the Angels”  original William-Adolphe Bouguereau, reproduced here 30″x40″ by Marino Vasallo serious offers in the region of $5000 will be considered .

Generally regarded as one of Bouguereau’s finest masterpieces “Song of the Angels” is certainly one of his trickiest paintings to reproduce with accuracy. First test for any reproduction artist is to capture the exact form and detail of the subjects, then the painting must be performed in the famous “licked” surface technique that Bouguereau was so completely the master of and famed throughout the art world of the mid nineteenth century for. This technique is not easily emulated today because it not only takes skill and experience to perform  but also requires that most valuable commodity in this bustling age of non stop frenetiicism, that being the element of “time” . As it must be coming apparent to anyone on this site who has looked at more than one of our Bouguereau reproductions, Vasallo is the master of the techniques requierd to perform perfect Bouguereau reproductions of the standard that you see here before you. in “Song of the Angels”

Once again, I must reiterate, this image shown here  is not the original, unlike 99% of the online galleries we only show the actual work that is available, it’s not a picture of the original and then you receive something entirely different when it finally arrives, this is the painting for sale and this is the painting you will receive if you purchase it.  Please contact us directly by Email if you would like to discuss details for  the purchase of this painting .