The Birth of Venus

“The Birth of Venus” Marino Vasallo

30″ x 40 Oil Painting.William Bouguereau’s Original Composition,  $5000 firm

The Birth of Venus, Venus was known as the bringer of joy, Roman goddess of love and beauty
stands on a shell in the middle of the ocean, surrounded by admirers.
Two mermen use conch shells to trumpet her arrival as the angels that came
to witness The Birth of Venus and ascend to heaven.

The Birth of Venus

The original The Birth of Venus canvas stands at just over 9’10” (3m) high, and 7’2″ (2.2m) wide. The subject matter, as well as the composition, resembles the rather more famous renditions of this subject by Botticelli and of course Raphael.

This The Birth of Venus rendition took the artist Marino Vasallo over Two Months to complete and when framed in a period frame makes an impressive and large painting for any size room.

This The Birth of Venus painting will not be reproduced again by Vasallo because of its complexity and the time to complete it to these exacting standards. Remember you are not looking at the original Bouguereau The Birth of Venus here, you are looking at the painting you will receive . Please contact us directly by Email if you would like to discuss details of the purchase of this painting or if you are sure you want to purchase The Birth of Venus then please use the Buy Now button below.

The Birth of Venus is now On Sale @ $5000