The Difficult Lesson

The Difficult Lesson original artist: William-Adolphe Bouguereau 20″x30″ by Marino Vasallo. Offers in the region of $1800

This is one of those Bouguereau paintings that falls into his “peasant sentimental” category and you will either love it or hate it.  Bouguereau has always engendered these types of reactions ever since the onslaught of the “new wave” that was called “impressionism”  This painting is simple to describe, its a beautiful innocent young girl sitting quietly reading her book. Bouguereau has captured that beautiful face and put it into a quiet place with no distractions in the background to confuse or complicate the composition.The painting is both beautiful and peaceful and would suit the rustic antiqued decor of a beautiful home .

Once again, I must reiterate, this image shown here  is not the original, unlike 99% of the online galleries we only show the actual work that is available, it’s not a picture of the original and then you receive something entirely different when it finally arrives, this is the painting for sale and this is the painting you will receive if you purchase it.  Please contact us directly by Email if you would like to discuss details for  the purchase of this painting .