The Flagellation of Our Lord Jesus Christ

The Flagellation of Our Lord Jesus Christ (1880) original William-Adolphe Bouguereau, reproduced here 30″x20″ on wooden panel by Marino Vasallo serious offers in the region of $2500 will be considered .

The Flagellation of Christ is one of Bouguereau’s greatest religious masterpieces. Christ, tied to a column, limply hangs; with his feet dragging on the ground and head hung back he submits to his fate. Two men stand in mid swing with their whipping ropes flying through the air. A third man kneeling to the lower right is fastening birch branches for the next part of the beating. Yet a forth man can be seen standing behind the attacker to the right also with birch branches in the ready. The viewer can feel the pain of Christ’s torment. Christ is surrounded by a group of curious spectators. To the left a young boy shelters his eyes from the horrid sight by turning his back and pressing himself against his mother. To the right, just above Christ’s head, a baby looks down at him sympathetically while hoisted up on his father’s shoulders. This life size masterpiece is every bit as great any religious works done by Raphael, Leonardo, or Caravaggio. Of course Bouguereau was a great admirer of all of the classical renaissance artists but he was especially enamored with the works of Caravaggio, in fact this painting contains a little homage to him. It is well known that Caravaggio would insert himself into his compositions and here Bouguereau has done the same . Look at the head in the background between the tormentor and the man in the white top and head band , look carefully and you will see the face of Bouguereau peering over their shoulders as a witness to this unforgivable act of cruelty.

Once again, I must reiterate, this image shown here  is not the original, unlike 99% of the online galleries we only show the actual work that is available, it’s not a picture of the original and then you receive something entirely different when it finally arrives, this is the painting for sale and this is the painting you will receive if you purchase it.  Please contact us directly by Email if you would like to discuss details for  the purchase of this painting