The Lady Guinevere

The Lady Guinevere 20″ x 40″ Original Composition by Alexie King  Offers in the region of $1650

According to Geoffrey of Monmouth Guinevere is descended from a noble family of Romans
and is “the loveliest woman in all the island”. In later romances she is the daughter of Leodegrance, previous owner of the Round Table, which she brings, together with one hundred knights, as her dowry when she marries Arthur. This whole paintings is apparently full of symbolism that is only obvious to the initiated ,I have to admit that I am not one of them. However the artist Alexei King is and he has filled this painting depicting Guinevere sitting on what I am presuming is her throne of Camelot ,I am sorry I cannot be more specific but the original explanation notes from King have been misplaced and now he is too ill for me to bother him with requests .
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