The Mirror, Sir Frank Dicksee.

Sir Frank Dicksee – “The Mirror”

Large 30″ x 40″ Composition by Alexei King Offered for sale @ $1800

Many of Dicksee’s paintings depict beautiful women, whom he felt were masterpieces made by God.
In this picture, the theme of course is vanity. The picture is entitled, The Mirror.
One can literally read the thoughts of this young lady, who was probably asking herself while looking into
the mirror whether she is still as beautiful as she was the day before?
The passage of time, the ultimate vulnerability of human beauty to aging is also expressed. Reproduced here magnificently by the renown master of Victorian artreproduction Alexei King .

The Mirror.

Once again, No its not the original of  The Mirror unlike 99% of the online galleries we only show the actual work that is available, it’s not a picture of the original and then you receive something entirely different when it finally arrives, this is the painting for sale. Please contact us directly by Email if you would like to discuss details of the purchase of The Mirror, or you may go ahead and use the Buy Now Button below.

The Mirror-Alexei King Offered for sale @ $1800