The Virgin of the Lilies

William Bouguereau’s The Virgin of the Lilies 30″ x 40″ Magnificent Composition by Marino Vasallo Offers in the region of $1950

William Bouguereau’s “La Vierge au Lys” – (The Virgin of the Lilies) What a magnificent opportunity here for the connoisseur’s of William Bouguereau. This exquisite religious academic masterpiece has been lovingly recreated by Vasallo remaining true not only to the Grand master’s original design, configuration and pallet but also to that beautiful velvet like brushwork that Bouguereau was so noted for, this will be familiar to anyone who has seen his originals hanging in Museums and Galleries. This is a reproduction of the very highest standards and it is now on-sale to you the Kings art lover. This is a very rare Bouguereau painting of the very highest standards. The fact is, when it comes to authenticity we are the Worlds best Art Reproduction Specialists Who says so? Work like this says so!

Remember you are not looking at the original Bouguereau here, you are looking at the painting you will receive . Please contact us directly by Email if you would like to discuss the details for the purchase of this painting