Vladimir Zebek : Now Deceased .

Vladimir Zebek was truly one of the finest Russian artists, infamously cast in the stereotypical mold of the troubled artistic genius,much loved by his collectors worldwide, passed away tragically in 2015.

Zebek In Studio

Vladimir Zebek (80) Born-1931.

Zebek was until his recent demise in 2015, one of Russia’s finest Seascape Artists. Often. and fairly compared to the great Ivan Konstantinovich Aivazovsky. Russian Painter, 1817-1900, Zebek‘s Paintings are in Private Collections in over Fifty Countries Worldwide. Zebek’s canvases are full of passion, light and mysticism, his sky’s meet the sea where ghostly shadows play tricks on the eye and the imagination. Ships are frozen in their moorings anchored by an invisible rope to the Moon. They are dreams of near and distant seas, Zebek is the composer and the sea is his flamboyant symphony. Zebek is a true artistic genius in the traditional eccentric, exuberant, reclusive, hard drinking mold. When we think of the stereotypical artist in his garret driven to the edge of insanity by his life experiences and alcoholic abuse, we are not thinking of Van Gogh, we are now thinking of Vladimir Zebek !



24″x36″ Moon Harbour Original By V Zebek For Sale $3000

Zebek turned his back on his early successful career.

Once so successful and famous within his mother Russia that his studio in Moscow overlooked the Kremlin, Zebek turned his back on his career after a succession of personal tragedies and upheavals that undoubtedly effected him deeply. Seeking solitude and solace he moved to the far South of the former Russian Empire to the shores of the Black Sea.



24×36 Original Zebek Blue Moon Waters $3000

Regardless of his popularity and the prices his work fetches, he lives simply, almost hermit like, in a small studio on the Black Sea coast on the sand bar called Kilburn Spit, eating simple rustic food, traded from local traders and farmers, drinking vodka and playing his music, creating his Art expressing the patterns and colors of the elements with paint on any surface he can get his hands upon, canvas, board and  even cardboard boxes in the past. Zebek conjures his own mystical perception and expression of the world he inhabits both in his physical being and in his imagination its unique, captivatingly, hauntingly, beautiful.


zebek, Moon Sails

24″x36″ Original Zebek, Moon Sails, $3000

My Personal Experience Of Vladimir Zebek.

Some Ten Years ago I was introduced to the work of Zebek by a Russian businessman,collector and good friend of the artist. I immediately fell under the spell of the unique beauty of his seascapes and I asked my contact if he would act as intermediary if I commissioned Six24x36 paintings from Zebek. My contact told me that I would have to send the canvas to the artist directly as it was impossible for him to attain quality canvas of that size out there on the very tip of the Ukraine.


 Zebek, blue moon sea

24″x36″ Original Zebek, blue moon sea, $3000

As instructed I dutifully sent the artist the canvases and sent his sponsor the payment for the commission, I asked for proof of that the commissions were being done and I received several photographs of the artist with some of the paintings in the commission, the one above this article is one of those photographs. Six months later the seascapes arrived and I immediately  sold Two of them to patrons of Kings that had also been interested in the artists work, the other Four I framed and put them into my personal collection, I call it my personal collection when in fact its actually paintings that I want around me for some time before I release them for sale to the public. You can imagine that over the years my collection sometimes gets out of hand as I tend to hang on to my favorite paintings longer than I should. This is the case with the work of Zebek, I must find space as we are moving to a property that is a little smaller and more manageable and I wont have the wall space to display my personal collection without sacrificing sales space,therefore I have decided to put up the Zebek collection up for sale, either individually or as a collection. any interested parties can contact me by Email, please mail [email protected]


I encourage you to discover more about the work of Vladimir Zebek.