William Bouguereau ,Bacchante

William Bouguereau’s “Bacchante 24″ x 36”

Composition by Marino Vasallo Offered For Sale @ $1500

William Bouguereau ‘s ” Bacchante 1889″ A Bacchante in Roman mythology is a female follower of Bacchus, god of wine and intoxication. In Greek mythology, they are called Maenads. Bacchantes are depicted as mad or wild women, running through the forest, tearing animals to pieces, and engaging in other acts of frenzied intoxication, does this sound like something from a HBO TV Show to you ? Painted several times in different forms by William Bouguereau this is the much more pleasing 1889 version, renderd magnificently here by the Italian master of William Bouguereau reproduction Marino Vasallo.

William Bouguereau ,Bacchante

Remember you are not looking at the original Bouguereau here, you are looking at the painting you will receive . Please contact us directly by Email if you would like to discuss further details of the purchase of this painting or if you want to go ahead then just use the Buy Now Button.

William Bouguereau ,Bacchante offered For Sale @ $1500